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Christmas 2022

I am writing this in the limbo period between Christmas and New Year when nobody knows what day it is or what exactly they should be doing. I normally have this charitable giving post wrapped up (excuse the pun) before Christmas, but this year I've let things slide a little.

Never mind! I'm here now and that's all that matters, ready to spread some festive cheer to the various animal charities I support.

black and white cat in a santa hat waiting under the mistletoe
Toby Tux is waiting under the mistletoe for you!

As usual, every year I put a small amount from each sale aside in a 'charity pot', and every December my dad (who is known as 'the banker') counts it all up for me. However this year I decided to get in gear and count it myself and together I'm pleased to announce that we raised £180! I divvy the proceeds out between several animal charities and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The recipients this year were as follows, in no particular order:

Cruelty Free International - formerly the BUAV, fighting against animal testing.

FourPaws - a charity with a global reach, focusing on many of the larger worldwide issues, e.g.: ending the cat and dog meat trade and fur farming

Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats - the UK's only goat rescue charity. Goats just crack me up. Plus I learned recently that the Scandanavian tradition of the Yule Goat ('Jolbuck') may be a precursor for our very own reindeer!

Harmony Fund - a feel-good charity, mostly working with European rescues.

CIWF (Compassion in World Farming) - raising welfare standards for farmed animals.

No To Dog Meat Foundation - I first heard about the dog and cat meat trade about 30 years ago and unbelievably it's still going on. Luckily charities such as this have made great strides recently in putting an end to some of it but they need more help to end it forever.

Safe Home Foundation - an Indian charity rescuing dogs from the most horrific vehicle collisions which happen all too frequently in India it seems.

The Pipsqueakery - an American sanctuary for all kinds of rodents and other, often disabled, critters. Their Instagram posts can be highly entertaining and you can tell how hard they work.

UAnimals - people are not the only ones to suffer during war; so many animals are also suffering due to the continuing war in the Ukraine and UAnimals will continue to help them long after the media loses focus and it becomes 'just another war'.

Shelter Ugolyok - a farm animal sanctuary, also in Ukraine, doing their best under impossible conditions.

Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary - a farm sanctuary based in Spain who often have to deal with severe neglect cases.

Lancaster Farm Sanctuary - I seem to be leaning towards farm sanctuaries don't I? These guys are based in the USA and they've had a fair few neglect cases to deal with recently too.

Ziggy's Refuge - Ziggy's take on cases where the animal often need lifelong care and prosthetics.

These guys really need your help, so if you fancy getting a warm fuzzy feeling too, why not donate?

For now I hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas period and that you all find more happiness in 2023.

Kelly x

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