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Animals were the first subjects I decided to draw the first time I picked up a pencil as a child, and nothing much has changed since!  Over the years I have established a unique style which combines realism with an occasional touch of fantasy.

Of course, being a passionate animal lover myself, I understand the place our pets enjoy in our hearts: each dog is an individual; each cat is unique; each rabbit mischievous. I aim to capture this in pastel and occasionally take commissions from private individuals who want a special image of their beloved pets to cherish forever.

The gallery below shows some of my previous work.  For commissions please e-mail me via the 'contact' page.

Mr Nicko Scottish Fold Pastel Portrait

A pastel portrait of the very handsome Mr Nicko the Scottish fold who never goes anywhere without his bowtie and bells and who obviously has an owl in his ancestry!


Portrait of a white and brown shih-tzu dog named Teddy in the snow.


Pastel portrait of Dipsy the Tabby cat for a client.


Pastel portrait of Dipsy the black cat for a client.


Portrait of my own siamese cross Kizzy with tattoo-inspired imagery and his favourite toy, Mr Red Cat.

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