The colours and translucency of transparent enamel over fine silver reminds me of boiled sweets, stained glass and brightly coloured buttons!  My inspiration comes from the natural beauty around me and more often than not features animals, plants and the landscape.

I create both jewellery and paintings with vitreous enamels, which are made from coloured ground glass fired in a kiln onto a metal base.

The paintings are enamelled on a steel or copper base.  I use the skills I have learned from watercolour painting combined with my knowledge of enamels to build up the layers required in each painting.  The paintings are fired many times to build up the colours as each layer must be bonded to the last.

To create the jewellery I fabricate the fine silver bases from my own designs and then I melt finely ground glass onto the silver in a kiln over several firings. It's an exciting art form which has been practiced for centuries, but the skills involved take time to learn.  When a piece is finished, however, you can be guaranteed that the colours will never fade and you will be purchasing your own little piece of history.

The gallery below shows some of my previous work.  For my current availability please see my Etsy shop.

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