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Frequently Asked Questions


What particle size are your enamels?

The enamel powder fits through an 80 mesh screen which is the average particle size for most powdered enamels.

Do the enamels contain lead?

Yes, these enamels contain lead which is said to improve the clarity of the glass.  Please see the Health & Safety page for more information.  It is usual to use either leaded or unleaded on separate enamel pieces, but you can mix them for effect.  Normally leaded can be used over unleaded enamels without undue effects, but it is best to make a test piece first.  Unleaded over leaded enamels can cause 'breakthrough' which may create a pleasing effect.

Which enamel ranges do you supply?

At the moment I supply Nihon Shippo and Hirosawa who create the most amazing subtle and sophisticated colours.  Nihon Shippo produce the most amazing pinks which can be applied directly to silver without necessarily having a flux undercoat.

Will you be expanding the range?

Yes!  Currently I only stock a small amount of the Nihon Shippo and Hirosawa range.  At the moment I can supply 10g sample pots, but I am hoping to add more colours and make larger amounts available if things go well.

Have you got any plans to stock Ninomiya enamels?

Unfortunately the owner of Ninomiya passed away, but I believe his brother is possibly taking over the business.  If so I would definitely look into stocking their amazing colours as well.  For now Tini Muller in Europe and Merry-Lee Rae in America still have some stock left.

Which fluxes do you use on your test plates?

I use Soyer Copper flux and Silver flux, both available from in the UK.  Vitrum Signum supply many English and French-made enamels plus a lot of tools and I highly recommend them.

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