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Vitreous Shed of Dreams!

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

I've been a gardener from a young age and I've wanted a greenhouse for a long time. Previously I forced my husband to take down a 10'x8' greenhoue from someone's garden and rebuild it in the garden of our then rented house. I had it for 6 months over the winter and then the house owner decided to sell up so I did practically nothing in it. I still feel guilty about that! But now we live in our own place and last month I ordered a shiny new 8'x6' greenhouse and forced my husband to put that one up too (it's okay, no spouses were harmed in the erecting of the greenhouse!).

The instructions were universal with lots of numbers and technical diagrams. Being a visual creature, I would have been much better off with colour-coded drawings. Luckily I'm married to Steve who can make and fix anything. We spent one day making the ground ready and putting the base down; one afternoon building the frame and one afternoon putting the glass in.

Some of the glass panes were broken on arrival (to be honest I never expected them to get here all in one piece anyway), but the customer services team at Hall's Greenhouses were excellent and were happy to compensate me. In the end it only cost me £14 for replacement glass so I told them not to worry.

The greenhouse was officially finished yesterday and I've already been top-dressing plants today and moving them indoors for the winter. So although it's technically my second greenhouse, I definitely feel like it's my first.

Update 08.10.19

It didn't take long for Kizzy to claim my potting bench as his own personal sun lounger! Here he is letting it all hang out.

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