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I have some exciting news for the final days of 2021 - I now have a webshop selling my own silver and enamel jewellery, greetings cards and Japanese vitreous enamels!

I previously sold my jewellery on Etsy, but as their rules get more onerous I decided to open my own shop right here at I'm particularly excited about the Japanese vitreous enamels as currently I know of no other supplier in the UK of Nihon Shippo and Hirosawa enamels. I spent all of my Christmas break making test samples and taking photographs for the website - I hope you like it!

Currently I don't stock all of the colours and I've only gone for the transparents because I wanted to see what the initial response was, but I'm hoping to expand if things go well. The transparent yellows are beautiful and I will definitely be ordering some for the shop next time. Nihon Shippo and Hirosawa are particularly good for oranges, pinks and pinky-reds which are notoriously difficult to fire directly on silver, but I now stock some nice options. Also, because I can't read Japanese I got to give crazy names to all of the colours which was by far the best part! 'Lime Cocktail' anyone?!

I believe in sharing the enamel love, so if you are based in America the brilliant, run by Mack and Merry-Lee Rae sell Ninomiya, Nihon Shippo and Hirosawa enamels, while Tini Muller sells Ninomiya enamels in Europe. Unfortunately the Ninomiya brand stopped production over a year ago when the owner sadly died, but there is a chance the owner's brother may restart production in 2022. Also Vitrum Signum in the UK sell all kinds of English and French enamel brands and equipment (I use them myself).

Currently my website only allows shipping in the UK, but I'm more than happy to take international orders. Please contact me via e-mail to get international shipping information.

I supply the enamels as 80 mesh powder in handy little pots with an attached lid which makes it much harder to mix up the lids with the pots! If anyone has any further questions please do get in contact - I'm always happy to hear from fellow enamellers!

Well I'm signing off for now, but I wish every one a happy enamelled-filled New Year!

Kelly x

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