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Portrait of Millie

I was asked to create this miniature pet portrait of spaniel Millie for a friend's nephew for Christmas 2019 and I thought you'd like to see the various stages of its creation.

First of all I did the initial drawing and laid down some light washes in watercolour (below):

Dog Portrait

I worked more on her fur and added a ball (below):

Watercolour dog portrait

I knew that the lady who commissioned the painting likes purple so I created a background based on those colours. I also used fineliner pens to pick out certain elements and give it a more illustrative style (below):

Watercolour pet portrait

Millie framed and ready to go to her new home:

Watercolour dog portrait in frame
Millie framed and ready to go!

Sometimes on a large painting you can sometimes become bored or frustrated, so I really enjoy doing these smaller paintings as they allow for (almost!) instant gratification.

Hope you like her.

Kelly x

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