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Mr Red Cat

I finally got around to playing with those luscious Stabilo Carbothello pastel pencils my husband bought for me last Christmas and it's safe to say I love them. I've never used pastel pencils before - in fact I've barely used pastels full stop - but I think having them in pencil form makes it easier to handle and keeps your hands a lot cleaner! It's so easy to smudge a pastel as you work, but much worse when your hands are already covered in multiple colours! I chose a beautiful tan shade of Clairefontaine Pastelmat as a base for a portrait of my beloved Kizzy and got to it.

Kizzy had two favourite toys called 'Mr Rainbow' and 'Mr Red Cat' - the latter of which I placed beside Kizzy in the painting as a colour pop. I now realised that the portrait had a colour scheme of red, cream and blue which gave me the idea of creating a retro theme. I researched tattoo art and added two tattoo-inspired swallows with ribbon garlands. Then I decided to go really over the top and added some gold metallic hearts because.......well because we all love a bit of sparkle right?!

I was a bit unsure about adding all of these extras, but actually I really like the theme. I see so many pet portraits, all of which are amazing, but I do like to see people push the boundaries sometimes and add a bit of themselves into it. This is my contribution!

Until next time,

Kelly x

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