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I decided to test out my new #Prismacolor pencils on two little #lovebird subjects, and I've fallen in love with the blending capacity of Prismacolor pencils! So far I've had no issues with leads breaking, although I've been careful to sharpen them slowly. For this subject I didn't need them particularly sharp anyway.

Favourite Colour

For these two birds I used a variety of colours, chiefly Cloud Blue 1023 and White 938. From the blue spectrum I also used Violet Blue 933, Indigo Blue 901, Light Aqua 992 and Light Carulean Blue 904. The greens and yellows were Jade Green 1021, Chartreuse 989 and Yellow Chartreuse 1004. The pinks were Light Peach 927, Pink 929 and Process Red 994. However, the standout for me was, unusually, 50% Warm grey 1054. I was impressed with its ability to produce beautiful shadows. I used a mixture of Gold, Silver, White and Dark Umber 947 among others for the branch.


I used Strathmore Toned Tan paper which has a very smooth surface. Being a relatively dark colour I occasionally used the white pencil almost as an 'underpainting', or at least mixed in with some of the colours, so they were able to stand out a bit more.

I've got a thing about birds at the moment so you can expect more lovebirds and budgies I'm sure!

Kelly x

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