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109A Tigerlily

Nihon Shippo Enamel Powder
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Product Details
Brand: Nihon Shippo

Wow! This one blew my mind when I saw it. An amazing orange enamel that is sure to become your favourite too! When this reacts to silver it simply produces a slighty darker shade of orange. Nice over copper flux as well.

The suggested firing for this colour is between 760°C-815°C (1400°F - 1500°F). The test strips in the photos were fired at around 790°C.

Supplied as 10g x 80 mesh powder in a reusable plastic pot.

This product contains lead and other chemicals. Please see the health and safety information page to discover how to use them safely.

At least 10p from this item will be donated to animal charities at the end of the year - please visit my blog at for more information. Also find me on Pinterest by searching for BenjaBlue and on Instagram @benjinca. Join my Facebook group BenjaBlue.
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