After several workshop moves I now have the privilege of building a workshop at home.

Currently it's a work in progress but we're hoping to have it finished in September 2017.

These photos show guitars in progress from my current workshop.

Unusual guitar in for neck reset
Unusual guitar in for neck reset
Unusual guitar in for neck reset
Three guitars ready for showing
Small-bodied walnut guitar
All of my guitars are hand made. The only parts I don't make myself are the tuning pegs, bridge pins and strings!
Two Classical Guitars
Two classical guitars being made side by side.
Classical Bracing Pattern
Fan-shaped bracing pattern on a classical guitar.
Birds-Eye Maple
Birds-eye maple small-bodied steel-strung guitar.
Bracing Patterns
Steel-strung (left) and classical guitar (right) being made side by side, showing the differing bracing patterns between the two.
Classical Guitar
Two Guitars
Two guitars being made together - one a small-bodied steel-strung (left) with birds-eye maple back and sides; the other a classical with rosewood back and sides.
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