About Me

When you purchase a Stephen John Guitar, you're not just buying a guitar, you're buying a part of me along with it.

You're buying skills honed after my initial training as a cabinet maker and a subsequent lifetime of working with wood.

You're buying dedication, attention to detail and a desire to produce the best possible instruments, both aesthetically and aurally.

You're not buying a mass-produced guitar, but one that has its own unique personality.

If you're interested in beautiful, melodic instruments, then please get in touch by clicking here.

My skill set comes from years of working with my hands.  Initially as a boy I made and fixed all manner of things from bicycles to go karts, which eventually turned into tuning and maintaining racing motorbikes as an adult.


My specific woodworking skills come from 10 years training as a cabinet maker at one of the country's leading furniture makers (William Tillman of Kent).  It was here that my passion for fine quality furniture and antiques was ignited, although I've always had a love of arts and crafts.

One of the most important things I discovered there was that true craftsmanship takes a lifetime to learn and it can't be taught during a few lessons in a classroom.  Although the acoustic guitar is fundamentally a simple instrument, the complexities lie in bringing all of the components together to make a great guitar.  I'm humble enough to admit that even after 10 years as a guitar maker I'm still learning.