Coloured Pencil

The first graphite was discovered in my home country of Cumbria, so it's probably only right that I should also use coloured pencil in my work.  I especially like drawing on coloured paper: fawn and tan colours being my favourites.  I find that white stands out beautfully against the background and really makes a drawing 'ping'.

The gallery below shows some of my previous work.  For my current availability please see my Etsy shop.

Lovebirds in Pencil
Two lovebirds preening.

28cm x 20cm approx.
11 x 8 inches approx.
Christmas Herdwick
Our local sheep breed, the hardy 'herdy', is an icon around Cumbria. Drawn with graphite pencil and just a touch of red watercolour, Herdy is keeping warm with a soft scarf.
Bouniette & the Christmas Tree
Here Bouniette Lapin ('Boon Thing') is checking out the Christmas tree. I did this pencil drawing entirely for my own pleasure.
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